I'm a C# .Net consultant for hire

Hello, my name is Clint, and I'm available for short to medium-length contracts involving programming in C#, .Net, SQL Server, and JavaScript.

What can I do for you?

  • Custom Software Solutions: Develop tailor-made applications that fit your specific business needs using C#. From idea to implementation, I ensure your project is built with clean, efficient, and scalable code.
  • Database Management: Leverage my extensive SQL Server experience to design, optimize, or troubleshoot your databases, ensuring data integrity and performance.

Do you need a dedicated C# developer to jump start or launch your project?

  • Quick Integration: I can quickly integrate into your team, understand your project's needs, and start contributing to your goals with minimal on boarding time.
  • Agile & Adaptive: Whether you're at the idea stage or mid-development, I can adapt to your project's phase and methodology, ensuring seamless progress and delivery.

Why should you trust my expertise?

  • 20+ Years of Experience: With over two decades in the software industry, I've encountered a broad range of challenges and developed a deep understanding of what makes a successful project.
  • Proven Track Record: I've successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries, demonstrating my ability to adapt and excel in different environments.
    • My first programming job was when I was 19 years old developing an online trading platform for stock options for a large United States based bank.
    • I've been programming in .Net and C# since the beginning with version 1.0.
    • Developed and maintain admin application to manage custom Azure B2C custom properties and extensions.
    • I wrote or maintain several open source repositories focusing on C#, Azure B2C and front end development with React.
    • Implemented countless C# WebAPI projects over banking, legal, aviation and healthcare industries.