These are just a few side projects that I’ve been working on. For my professional portfolio, please take a look at the things I’ve recently built for businesses on the portfolio page on Parka Software’s website.

Armchair Expert Media Explorer

The Armchair Expert Media Explorer is a website that acts as a library for all the different media that is mentioned during an episode of the podcast, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. Each media that’s mentioned by the hosts, Dax and Monica, or there guests goes into a category. The categories are books, documentaries, music, podcasts, shows, articles and misc. Misc is the catch all for things that don’t fit into the previously defined categories.

The tech stack is pretty simple, I only ended up using .Net Core Razor Pages and MySQL.

Today’s Record High

Today’s Record High is a website and mobile app for iOS and Android. The app enables users to look up record temperatures and normal temperatures for cities across the United States. With this dashboard you can find out what the record temperature is for any given date for major cities in the US.

Along with record highs and lows, this site also displays:

  • Top ten record high temperatures
  • Top ten record low temperatures
  • Record highest nightime low temperature
  • Recorded vs normal precipitation for the year
  • Recorded vs normal snowfall for the year

Utilizing data from the Regional Climate Centers – Applied Climate Information System web service this site displays record and normal temperatures for a given date from weather stations across the United States.

The website was developed with React and the mobile apps with React Native. All three front ends interact with the RCC’s web services so there is no need to configure back end services.