Business names are hard

I’m trying to think of a new business name for my consulting company, msoftware. The name was something I put together during the pandemic when I split off from the other consulting company I found with another developer. After deciding to split the companies up, I didn’t have a lot of time to figure out a good business name. The first letter of my last name + software seemed good enough to form the LLC, get the bank accounts set up and continue moving with the existing contracts that were in place.

Since 2020, the msoftware business continues to grow purly via word of mouth and connections I’ve made along the way. But, I’ve never really been happy with the name msoftware. It feels kind of lazy and it’s overly generic which makes finding us online more difficult. A Google search for msoftware doesn’t return the website anywhere. That’s something I’m also working on in Google Search Console – hopefully that is fixed in the next couple of days and you can start to see msoftare results.

I remember why I chose msoftare as the business name: it was super easy to create. There wasn’t time to work on a branding project so I just threw out what came to me. Now that I’m trying to create a new business name I’m finding it very difficult to do. A few of the challenges are:

  1. There are hardly any domain names and business names available. So many of the ideas I’ve come up with have already been taken.
  2. Nothing feels right. The names I’ve come up with have been pretty generic and felt pretty cheesy.
  3. Creating something out of nothing but having unlimited possibilities is impossible. When I sit down and write the business values and summary the business names that come up feel very corporate.

Specifically what msoftware does is we work with clients to develop a technology strategy and seamlessly integrate data sources into clients’ environment or in the cloud. Overall, we focus on providing data-driven solutions to empower clients to make informed decisions that drive their business forward via custom software implementations or out of the box solutions. It all depends on the client, their set up and their budget.

I tried using ChatGTP for inspiration but was less than thrilled with the responses I got. Here are 10 business names generated by ChatGTP using the prompt from the paragraph above:

  1. Insight IQ
  2. Decision Dynamics
  3. DataFlow Solutions
  4. SmartStats
  5. Metrics Mastery
  6. Strategy Surge
  7. Knowledge Keys
  8. Analytics Advancements
  9. Impact Insights
  10. Precision Progress

Nothing that I’m really digging at the moment. But I suppose this isn’t an overnight thing that can just happen. Though I wish it were, it would make the process a whole lot easier. So, I’ll continue workshopping different business names, but in the mean-time we will continue to move foward as msoftware.