Friday, November 17 2023

Notes from Friday November 17 2023

Good morning. A few notes that I wanted to record for this lovely fall Friday.

  1. Near record warm has passed us and we’re back to normal cold fall. Should be great for saunaing.
  2. Made a fantastic oat milk cortado this morning. Using regular Oatly blend, normally I use the Barista’s version, but today’s turned out fantastic. I’d say top five of all time home made cortados.
  3. Driving T to school this morning he commented that so many people have black jackets. I replied saying they were a popular color. That brought up the question of what does “popular” mean. After I explained that it’s something that a lot of people like, for example Christmas, ice cream, soccer are all things that are popular because many people like them. When I asked him if he could think of something that was also popular, a few seconds passed and he replied “I know something that is popular for adults”. I asked what and he said “relaxing”. He got that right.
  4. The Armchair Media Explorer has been slowly gaining traffic among the fans of the popular podcast Armchair Expert. People love it, but I really need someone with a large following to help promote it. So this morning I emailed Dax, Monica and their producer Rob in hopes that they read my emails. Having them Tweet (X?), Instagram it or just promote it would go a long ways for the platform.
  5. Started a new project I’m calling the Radio Station Project. It’s going to contain a lot of radio station data and some nice data visualizations. More to come after I can collect some data.