I'm a C# .Net consultant for hire

Hello there.

I'm Clint, and I'm seeking opportunities for short to medium term contracts utilizing C# .Net, SQL Server and other web technologies.

What can I offer?

  • Are you looking to elevate your web applications with expert architectural design and development?
  • Do you need a visionary to transform your data presentation into fully interactive, user-friendly experiences?

Feel free to reach out at clint@parkasoftware.com with your project details. Let's talk about creating something great together.

Why should you consider me for your C# .Net projects? Here's what sets me apart from other consultants:

  • Healthcare and Research Solutions: Spearheaded major web application projects for the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute, delivering solutions that cater to professionals across the healthcare and research sectors.
  • Data Visualization Innovator: Transformed the USRDS ADR Interactive Data Report into its first interactive version to provide enriched data visualization and streamlined data management. Employing .Net Core, C#, WebAPI, React, HighCharts, GraphQL, and SQL Server.
  • Transplant Data Revolution: Played a pivotal role with the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) in converting extensive transplant data from static to dynamic forms, enhancing accessibility and user interaction.
  • Transplant Center Comparison Tool: Created and implemented a tool offering in-depth insights into transplant programs, integrating data visualization techniques to improve user experience significantly.
  • Website Rebuild Leadership: Directed the overhaul of srtr.org, integrating it with the powerful Umbraco CMS, thus enabling efficient content management and user engagement.
  • Custom Azure Solutions: Designed a custom Azure AD B2C user administrator portal that extends beyond standard Azure functionalities, addressing complex property management needs including the ability to view and edit custom user extension properties. Led significant Azure deployments and migrations with a focus on compatibility and security.

I'm based in Minneapolis, MN, ready to collaborate with clients around the world to bring sophisticated, impactful solutions to life.

Looking forward to transforming your challenges into success stories. Contact me today!