Minneapolis Weather Visualizations For June 2022

At the beginning of the month I look back at the previous month to see how hot (or cold) the previous month was compared to historical normals. This also gives me a good way of finding if there were any extreme temperature events that happen during the month, like if we broke any records or got close to breaking any. These are the Minneapolis weather visualizations for June 2022

All data for the post below comes from the xmACIS2 tool powered by the RCC-ACIS.

High and normal temperatures for June 2022

In the month of June our normal high temperatures in Minneapolis go from 75F to 83F over the course of the month. You can see the normal high temperatures in the chart below as the dark blue columns. As you’ll see in the next graphic June turned out to be hotter than normal, the 11th hottest actually. We had 8 days of 90+ high temperatures and welcomed summer by cracking 100F on June 20th.

11th Hottest

June 2022 was the 11th hottest June on record for Minneapolis – last year was the second hottest. Those records go back to October of 1872. The average daily temperature in June 2022 was a warm 72.

The convention of the weather and climate community has been to calculate the observed daily mean temperature by summing the maximum and minimum instantaneous temperatures during a 24-hour period and dividing by two. – Rutgers

5th Driest

Spring was super wet so I didn’t expect the weather to turn so dry in June. Looking around the city it looks more like the end of summer. Grass that’s not shaded or watered frequently has turned into crispy fields of yellow. June 2022 ended as the 5th driest on record in Minneapolis.