About Me

Hello, I'm Clint.

I've been building websites since I was a kid. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife, our son, and dog. For over two decades, I've been leading technology teams, mentoring budding developers, and building enterprise-level software that makes a difference. My background spans across various sectors including healthcare, legal, e-commerce, and mobile platforms, where I've architected and designed complex systems tailored to all the unique and interesting business challenges out there. I started coding building websites on AOL in 9th grade and had my first development job at 19 years old. I also started and sold a t-shirt company.

My Vision: My vision is to be the catalyst for transformation within organizations, applying my extensive technical expertise to solve their most complex challenges. I aim to be the industry's go-to consultant for tailor-made software solutions, bridging gaps between technology and functional needs. Above all, my passion lies in creating products that truly matter—products that not only drive efficiency but also make a tangible difference in people's lives. When I'm not coding or talking about software architecture, you'll probably find me snowboarding, watching airplanes, or daydreaming of living in Amsterdam. I'm also a big coffee and airplane guy, so I could talk about airplanes and coffee for hours.


  1. Consulting & Problem-Solving: My approach integrates modern architectural paradigms and industry best practices to pave the way for viable, long-term solutions.
  2. Web & Mobile Development: With proficiency in a range of languages and frameworks like .Net Core, C#, and React, I build robust enterprise-grade software.
  3. Data Visualization: I've led projects that transform complex data into intuitive, interactive platforms for stakeholders and business owners.
  4. Cloud and Database Architecture: Experienced in deploying and managing data on cloud platforms like Azure, as well as relational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL.

Whether you're interested in chatting about your organization's specific challenges or simply want to discuss the latest trends in artisanal coffee, I’m all ears. If you are interested in building something great together, please send me an email at clint@parkasoftware.com or use the contact form here.