Centralized Streaming Radio Stations

Centralized Streaming Radio Stations

I listen to a lot of streaming radio stations during the day and wanted a way listen to each one on demand like a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, essentially a playlist for centralized streaming radio stations. Switching between a new browser tab every couple of hours isn’t an efficient way to stream, so I created a playlist file of indie rock in Seattle and Los Angeles, classical in New York and Switzerland and jazz in New Orleans and Newark and internet trance stations all into a nice collection.

To make it easy to go from station to station I created a radio.pls file that’s a collection of all my streaming radio stations in a single file. I can then open this file in VLC player which loads them all in a nicely organized playlist. When I find a new Internet radio station I like I’ll find the mp3 or stream source url and add it to this playlist file.

Here’s an example of what the playlist file source looks like and how to make a pls file for streaming sources.

Title1=KCRW (Eclectic Mix) - California listener powered radio

Title2=AH.FM - Internet Trance

Title3=UZIC - Internet Techno (Switzerland)

Title4=KEXP - Seattle listener powered radio

Here’s what the playlist looks like in the VLC player, too. This will also work with other player programs that are compatible with pls files – like Winamp.

VLC playlist example