Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday, January 12, 2024
Photo by Nafinia Putra / Unsplash

Yesterday I went to work from a coffee shop that I've never been but meaning to visit for a while. I met the owners ten years ago selling coffee at the Linden Hills Farmer's Market. Since then they've opened multiple locations and are the best coffee roaster in the Twin Cities.

While I was working a man came into the coffee shop and asked one of the barista's to use their land line. The barista was helpful and gave the man the phone to make his call. He made the phone call, gave the phone back to the workers and went to sit down. A little while later a person called the coffee shop asking to speak to someone who had just called them from that number. The barista happily obliged and walked the phone over to the man who made the initial phone call patiently waiting. He took the phone call, talked for a bit then hung up and headed out the door.

That was it, end of transaction. I'm not sure that man even ordered a coffee, but it was a great to watch this interaction in a time of where everyone has a phone and everyone always seems to know where everyone is.

Later on a person called the coffee shop to ask what the barista's favorite Chinese food was. I didn't hear the other end of the phone, but the barista relayed that someone called to find out her favorite Chinese food and was going to bring them lunch.

This coffee shop also has a heater above the door that is wired to turn on when the door opens and close when the door closes. So each time a person walks into the shop a blast of heat comes down from the ceiling. This is great for people sitting by the door, however I feel that it makes the inside of the coffee shop really really warm.