Most COVID-19 Vaccinations By County & State

I was curious what counties and states are leading the way in COVID-19 vaccinations. I looked online and found a cool map from the NY Times but nothing that gave me a quick overview. So, I created this table to list the most COVID-19 vaccinations by county & state in order of the percentage vaccinated. This is the condensed version of the table, click here to view the full table. The full table lists the percent for everyone in the county as well as 12+/18+/65+ years old.

The data comes from a .JSON file from @mattwaite‘s GitHub repository. That data is updated daily from the API that powers the CDC COVID Data Tracker website.

From the CDC website, Completeness represents:

Percent of [state]s fully vaccinated recipients with valid county of residence. States with lower percentages for valid county of residence should be interpreted with caution.

CDC COVID Data Tracker